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Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Within these pages, you will find a sanctuary for introspection, a compass for personal growth, and a mirror reflecting the radiance of your inner being.


As a gift from our founder, Mara Francesca, a tarot reader and the visionary force behind Lola + Mila in The Miracle Marketplace, It is with deep gratitude and a fervent spirit that we present this downloadable and printable planner, crafted to illuminate the path to self-realization and remind you of your inherent worth.


Each page is a testament to your own sacred journey but in a realistic way to approach manifesting your goals. The art of writing our goals is a journey we can all embark by celebrating our aspirations, acknowledging our challenges, and honoring the resilience within us.


May this planner l serve as a companion, gently nudging you to embrace your dreams, honor your truth, and cherish the magnificence of your existence. 


This is the start of your self-discovery, where the whispers of your soul find resonance, and the beauty of your essence unfolds.

Monthly Reflection Planner

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