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Mabuhay! We're Lola + Mila and glad you stopped by our shop!

Our Story:

We started our former brand in 2019 and while we are grateful for our experiences, we are ready to push forward and move to another direction that is now Lola + Mila. Our team consists of 5 partners: Mara Francesca, James Chu, Ryan Austria, Sarah Bareng and Steve Rockman. Majority owned by women, we are proud that Lola + Mila is locally sourced, curated in our hometown, Las Vegas. Our message is to promote the power of self love and the ability to manifest your wellness in our products.

Our Brand:

In October 2020, we launched The Miracle Enterprise that owns The Miracle Marketplace, that carries esoteric products such as candles, elixirs, smudge sprays, and accessories, also working with independent women business owners. In February 2021, The Miracle Enterprise LLC. decided to finally launch their hemp infused brand called Lola + Mila, which is us! 

The Tale Behind Lola + Mila:

Just like our sister brand, The Miracle Marketplace, Lola + Mila is derived from our CEO and creative, Mara Francesca's grandmother, Milagros Mercado, that literally means Miracle Market. Mara's Lola or grandma, nickname is Mila. Our CEO wanted to create a narrative that creatively separates these two characters, Lola and Mila. To pay homage to her guardian angel, Mara named her brands on behalf of Milagros because she is the reason why Mara is living her American dream. 

She wanted to bring these two fictional characters that was loosely inspired by her grandmother, ancestors and honestly? The Good witch, Bewitched and Okay Ka Fairy Ko. LOL

"The story begins with Lola, a free spirited and vibrant woman who moved to Las Vegas from the islands in the 70's. She was raised in a family full of shamans and esoteric healers that believed in the power of herbs, homeopathy, and plant based oils. As a health care worker striving in the desert, she never lost sight of her roots and opened a small magical shop called Lola's. Just like everyone else on this earth, Lola is starting to think about retiring and has called upon her granddaughter, Mila to apprentice at her shop to know the ancient recipes of these remedies that was passed on from generations.

Mila, is indeed her true name: Milagros, a miracle. Also a free spirit and a nomad, she returns to the desert to help her grandmother by apprenticing at the store now called Lola + Mila. Adding more of the modern touch, she decided to brand her grandma's products with quirky names and add another component that we all love : Hemp Derived CBD. And now the story begins for these two powerful women." - Mara Francesca

Branding Our Products:

Our fun names were curated by nonetheless, Mara Francesca, our CEO and creative director of The Miracle Enterprise LLC. Our products are based from slang and colloquial terms per era such as the 70's, 80's, 90's, the 2000's and even the present. Our partners are artists and musicians that love pop culture references that brings such a nostalgic vibe. Which is why we narrated Lola and Mila, bridging the gap between generations and uniting them for the love of self care and self love.

Our Community:

We are proud to be a battle born company. We are currently working with other local non-profit organizations to collaborate in our future events.

Our major share holders have done non-profit and charitable events such as environmental causes, local fundraisers by hosting a free Yoga classes, and clothing relief funds during national and international disasters (See: Vibe Tribe Yoga Hike, Yoga For A Cause By Mara, Krewtons Clothing Relief Fund). 

We cannot wait to share our local events!

Senior Couple Doing Yoga
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